Top 7 Exercises – Do at Home Without Gym Equipment

Home Without Gym Equipment

Exercising improves the oxygen flow in the body, notably the brain. When you do workouts you will realize that the body feels more energetic and relaxed. It decreases your chances of getting common diseases like blood pressure, heart conditions, among other diseases. Other than that, it gives you more energy, ensuring you are fit and your health condition is at its best. Here, we give you some of the top seven exercises to do at home without a piece of gym equipment.


squat workout

Squats are one of the easiest exercises you can do. You can choose to do the one-legged squats or even do the bodyweight squats. They are generally suitable for your whole body.

How to do: Stand with your legs and ensure your feet are apart. Stretch your hands out straight. Start by pushing your hips and butts back and bending your knees in the process. Look up straight ahead. Ensure that you keep your back flat and your chest up. Your back should remain in that position throughout the exercise. Squat low, then up again to the starting position by driving your heels, up and down.