How should you drink Kombucha for your weight loss journey? 

How should you drink Kombucha for your weight loss journey? 

Okay, so, How should you drink Kombucha for your weight loss journey?  I’m not going to beat around the bush with you. I was one of those people who put off eating healthy, dieting effectively, and exercising until age 35. I tell you what, though, I’m better late than sorry, and so are you.

If you’re anything like me, then we share an urge to consume sweets and high-calorie foods, which is okay now and then. Just don’t make a routine out of it.

Let’s start our journey into pure healthiness. I am beginning with effectively consuming Kombucha!

One way to get the best out of Kombucha is to consume it before and after meals. This way, the appetite suppressants will help you not to overeat.

A lot of people make a mistake of not eating and exercising correctly while on their weight loss journey, but we won’t make that mistake.

What do you do when your craving your favourite flavours?

Dieting can be tough, and even though Kombucha has dozens of health benefits, the flavour is the most attractive attribute in the market.

Ways to work around this is to add any flavours you like to your Kombucha, but be careful you might fall in love Healthiness. Some good flavour adding options that work for me are ginger, olives, cumin, and thyme.

So how are we losing weight from Kombucha?

Kombucha is a symphony of Black or green tea, Fermented yeast, probiotic bacteria, and sugar.

Kombucha aids indigestion. Since it is a probiotic drink, the probiotics are made during the fermenting process due to the bacteria reaction in the symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY).

This helps to aid in the breakdown of the food and effectively improves the absorption of nutrients while getting rid of unwanted waste. The health flora in the gut is said to help cure constipation and acid reflux.

Promotes a healthier immune system

Kombucha contains the ingredient glucaric acid, which is proven to help prevent cancer.

One up-side to Kombucha being a fermented drink is that it has antimicrobial properties, which protects your body against common illnesses. Kombucha also contains vitamin B, which helps with your metabolic functioning.

Energy booster

One way to help us lose weight is to be active, and it’s hard to be productive without the iron in the black tea. During the fermentation process, the black tea releases a ton of iron, which aids in boosting our energy.

A kombucha secret

Researchers have proven that Kombucha improves metabolism, and we both know that this helps prevent weight loss. This way, the rate at which your body is allowing you to burn off its calories is much quicker, and workouts are much more effective.

A bonus benefit here for having improved metabolism is that your body will not let you store fat. You can relax a bit and smile now. That was excellent news.

Last but surely not least, Kombucha is a natural detox!

You’re probably are wondering what detoxing has to do with weight loss. Well, almost everything. For weight loss, a clean body is essential.

To wrap things up, I guess you need to know that there are some laxative properties in Kombucha, which is excellent for your digestive tract.

This is going to help with the lipolytic action and eliminating the excessive fat and bad cholesterol from your blood. Now when your body is working hard on absorbing all your nutrients, it has a clean place to store them in!

Lastly, I won’t leave without recommending my top 3 Kombucha brands and flavors:

Forage Kombucha

My favorite of Forage’s four flavors is peach! So delicious. This brand has put together a stylish looking can and an exciting flavor burst.

This is great for sitting outside in the spring and the summertime. This drink contains about 65 calories in a 12-ounce serving. Not bad.

Health-Ade Kombucha

Try this, Kombucha. It’s second on the list, because it’s my wife’s favorite. She says that the Health-Ade brand is second-to-none. Practically unbeatable, since it has a wide variety of 16 different flavors. Her favorite flavor is Ginger-Lemon.

That’s also my favorite flavor from health-Ade. She has me hooked! There is something beautiful about combining lemon and ginger. An 8-ounce bottle has about 35 calories. Yum!

Brew Dr. Kombucha

This is probably one of the more well-known brands of Kombucha. You can typically find this at your local market. My favorite flavor is called “clear mind.” It consists of rosemary, sage, and mint.

Be prepared to reap full benefits from this brand bringing you about 35 calories in a 7-ounce glass bottle

So, as you see the benefits this fizzy tea drink have are plentiful and helpful. I always like to say, “Keep it simple.”

A few tips to stay on top of your diet is to: Watch your portions. Control your urges to sugar. Exercise a tiny bit to get this exciting journey started.

Robert Nichols

Robert is a full-time blogger, father of 1, and certified working and sharing fitness information. He also regularly contributes to on the latest topics and trends in health & wellness. When he not writing she can be found running and doing intermittent fasting.

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