8 Best Stomach Exercises for a Flat Tummy At Home


Having a flat tummy is a dream that many people around the world wish to achieve. Getting a flat stomach does not have to be a complicated exercise. There is a variety of moves that can be done at home that helps one tone his or her tummy by building strong muscles or burning fats. The flat stomach does not only make one look and feels great; it also reduces the risk of getting internal problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Below are some of the abs exercises that can be done at home to help one to achieve a flat tummy.

Stomach Exercises for a Flat

1Crunch or sit-up

This is an effective workout that is perfect for strengthening the abdominal muscles. Crunch is done by lying on the floor while arms are behind the head. One should bend the knees, and the lower body is kept still while the upper body is moved towards the knees. During this exercise, one should take a deep breath and exhale as she or she goes up and inhale while bringing the body back to the floor or a flat surface. This exercise uses abdominal muscles to move the upper body up and down hence building muscles that maintain a flat tummy.