Why Chest Workouts are Needed by Women

Chest workouts we have to know how important exercising is. With all these blogs, YouTube videos, and other social media posts, we are often bombarded with the fact that we need to exercise. The fact of the matter is, not all of us still have the time to do it.

Often, women tend to forget the importance of doing exercises. Factors that affect a woman’s time to do exercise could be pregnancy, motherhood, menopause, childcare, or even housework. A study from Catalyst.org shows the amount of time for unpaid work done by women, and this could only attest to how women can prioritize other tasks rather than doing an exercise.  

Another study from the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine shows a 6% difference in vigorous activities between men and women. On the other side, the WHO (World Health Organization) highlights some diseases commonly diagnosed with women chest workouts who have inadequate time for physical activities in the age of women aged 50’s. 

  • Diabetes – more than 70 million women globally are affected and forecasted to be doubled in by 2020.
  • Osteoporosis – A disease more common with women in the post-menopausal stage. And lastly,
  • Breast Cancer – This is the most common cancer diagnosed in women.

Indeed, the numbers are quite alarming. However, it is never too late for women of today to begin exercising. Below are some of the pros of exercising for women

· Exercise helps women manage mood swings.

· Exercise helps avoid Osteoporosis.

· Exercise helps with weight management

· Exercise improves sleep.

  • You still aren’t convinced of the importance of exercising or even concerned about the time you would have to dedicate for it; perhaps you can focus on one essential part of your body. One part of the women’s organization that could bear most of the weight.
  • general improvements that a woman may notice when consistently doing chest exercises are the following:
  • Improve women’s posture
  • Enhancing breast size and protrusion
  • More fluid breathing

Another article from ShareCare.com tells the benefit of strength that chest exercises provide to women. According to the report, chest exercises develop not just the pec muscles (the muscles in the chest area) but also serve as the foundation of strength for your arms and shoulders as well. 

So without further ado, here are some of the chest workouts women can focus on. 

  • REGULAR PUSH UPS – Chest workouts for Women can do the type of push up where their knees touch the ground while the feet are raised. As your body touches the ground, lift your palm for a few inches, and go back to lifting yourself once again. Use a wide grip and keep your back straight and your hips and core to be level as your body moves down. You may start doing push-ups for 3-4 minutes. NO HURRIES for now! The point right now is to do a particular exercise and to start somewhere!

Perks of Doing Regular Push-Ups

  • Push-ups emphasize the following muscles: pectoralis, deltoid, triceps, and abdomen.
  • Push-ups is a fast and effective means of building strength
  • Push-ups can be done almost anywhere!

INCLINED PUSH UPS – Similar to regular push-ups, elevate your body to a piece of furniture such as a bench, chair, or desk where you can secure your hands. Lie face down and position your hands a bit wider than your shoulder width. Your feet should also be parallel to your hip-width. 

Unlike the regular push-ups, this time, your knees need to be straightened up, and your toes and hand are the ones only allowed to touch the ground. Now, this may seem more natural, but you’ll notice the gradual pain in your lower chest and lower back because of the incline. You may put more challenge by doing the inclined push up between parallel bars so that you may lower your body even more!

Perks of Doing Inclined Push-Ups for women

  • Inclined push-ups enhance your lower chest and back
  • It can also be done almost anywhere, but always practice caution! We don’t want you banging your head/lips somewhere just because your hands slipped. 

DECLINED PUSH UPS – Declined push-ups may be the most challenging form of push up as it gives the most strain and weight to your upper body. Here you will need a chair, platform, or anything that you can rest your feet on that could level your body straightly while extending your arms at maximum length from ground.

As you straighten your back, make sure to level it with your footrest to achieve maximum effect. To add a challenge, you may also lift one leg off the rest while doing the push-ups. Don’t forget to switch legs! 

Perks of Doing Inclined Push-Ups good for chest workouts

  • Doing declined push-ups enhance the strength of your upper chest. As it is the most challenging form of push-up as well, this dramatically increases your upper body strength. 
  • DUMBBELL SIDEWAY EXERCISE – Lie flat on the ground and bend your knees. Extend your hand sideward while gripping the dumbbell, your knuckles touching the ground. Lift the dumbbells until it is directly in front of you. Make sure to bend your elbow a bit for the exercise to be more productive. You can do this for a couple of minutes to 3 minutes. Just like the regular push-ups, try not to count how many lifts you can do and instead focus on the time spent. Once your body has adapter more, then try incrementing the duration of this exercise. 

Perks of Doing Dumbbell Lifts

  • This exercise specifically targets the deltoid muscles and shoulders. At some points, this can also settle any discrepancies between your left and right sides. 

You may do the following for 15 minutes max each day. In a matter of a week, you should be feeling lighter than ever and healthier as well! Nothing is more important than maintaining a physically fit body, and if it could take just 15 minutes of your 24 hours in a day, then you should be able to do this consistently. 

Robert Nichols

Robert is a full-time blogger, father of 1, and certified working and sharing fitness information. He also regularly contributes to wellnesscrave.com on the latest topics and trends in health & wellness. When he not writing she can be found running and doing intermittent fasting.

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