What You Need To Know About Nitrogen Infused Coffee

Nitrogen infused coffee is getting more popular these days as a new fad in beverages. You can find quite a many coffee shops offering these drinks for its rich creamy texture and taste. In the sections below, you can find more details about this nitrogen infused coffee. 1. What is nitrogen infused coffee ? A nitrogen infused coffee is coffee mixed with nitrogen gas and delivered to you on a dispenser. It gives a creamy, foamy and smooth texture to your drink. The mixed nitrogen does not alter the taste of a coffee but give you these added experience. Nitrogen does not dissolve in the water but it can create tiny bubbles when mixed with water. This gives you a creamy texture you love in your coffee. Nitrogen replaces oxygen and oxidizes some of the components in coffee at the top layer. This oxidation prevents spoiling of the coffee from loosing is odor and taste. Nitrogen infused coffee are less acidic compared to normal coffee and beverages mixed with carbon dioxide. Nitro infused coffee has more caffeine which gives you more energy when you drink. You can have this nitro infused coffee after your heavy workout or exercise. A nitro infused coffee also adds sweet taste to coffee in a natural way. You don’t need to add sugar or sweeteners as it is sweet, delicious and tastes like a milk chocolate. Nitro infused coffee has high caffeine content in it. It gives you high energy levels which is excellent drink for heavy workouts. It is also a low calorie alternative to black coffee it has no or little sugar as nitrogen is a natural sweetener. If you have sensitive stomach due to acidity or acid re-flux, this nitro infused coffee is better for your. It has less acid than a normal coffee and has better taste and flavor. 2, How to make nitrogen infused coffee ?
A commercial coffee shop prepares nitrogen infused coffee using a dispenser. It mixes nitrogen gas with coffee and pours the mixed coffee through a dispensing nozzle.
At home you can create a nitro infused coffee using a cream whipper. A cream whipper can whip cream and other liquid using nitrogen cartridges. The pressurized nitrogen gets infused with the base coffee to give a nitro infused coffee in few hours.
To create a nitro infused coffee, add 9 ounces of ground coffee and 3 and half cups of cool water. Charge the cream whipper with 2 cartridges of nitrogen. After closing the whipper, shake it for 30 seconds. Let the whipper stand undisturbed for 5 minutes.
Discharge gas in the whipper and repeat with 2 more nitrogen cartridges. Shake it for 30 seconds and stand it for 1 hour. Discharging gas again and pour the brewed coffee into a jar through the filter. Nitro infused coffee continue to gets large number of people shifting to it from normal coffee. It is still a coffee with a new taste, flavor and new texture and with a new approach. Its far safe compared to carbon-dioxide mixed beverages as nitrogen does not easily react with other elements and you can chose Nitro infused coffee over carbonated drink and enjoy its unique taste. Sources : Link 1 : https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/08/25/nitro-coffee-good-science-or-nitrogenous-waste-11727 Link 2 : https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/11550-how-to-make-nitro-cold-brew-coffee?ref=HowTo_browse_5 Link 3 : https://draxe.com/nitro-coffee/

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