what is the difference between health and wellness

The term health and wellness are often used interchangeably, but the meanings differ slightly. Health can be defined as a state of our physical being, good or bad. Our health depends on various factors such as inheritance, environmental conditions, choice of food and drinks, physical condition and movement status, sleep and rest, thoughts and emotional state of mind. Wellness, on the other hand, is defined as the general process of maintaining a general state of health. This implies the person’s conscious decision to experience wellness, while health simply means the person’s condition.

People seem not to note the difference between wellness and health. The term wellness might be new to most people while some may regard it as a synonym. It is normal to find people combining the two since its something to be proud of when you are healthy and well. However, we need to know what is the difference between health and wellness so that you can know what you need in your life.

The term healthy could be used to connote that any individual is disease-free both mentally and physically. In order to become healthy, an individual must exercise, reduce body fat, eat nutritious food, maintain normal blood pressure, avoid smoking and taking harmful substances, get quality sleep, maintain the ideal weight among many others. On the other hand, wellness is more comprehensive and all-encompassing. It majors on many key aspects of your well being more into your physical, spiritual, emotional, environmental, social, occupational, intellectual state. It revolves around your physical health but covers much more.

To understand the importance of exercise, knowledge of health and wellness is required. Health is defined as a condition that enables individuals to function optimally despite disabilities or limitations. Wellness is a reflection of health and varies from person to person. You need to understand that wellness is a conscious effort that requires planning, commitment, and hard work. A person is only really good if he has adopted a lifestyle that enables him to achieve maximum well-being.

We can achieve health and wellness through putting in place exercise and fitness programs as well as maintaining a healthy diet. You need to be healthy and fit to maintain a good and stress-free life. Eating healthy foods is considered the most important factor for good health. Health and wellness mean that the foods we eat also reflect our physical health. Reasonable eating habits have therefore become a driving factor in the general notion of health and wellness. The two move and work closely to help you gain progress in your journey to becoming healthy and fit.

Lifting heavy weights is not always necessary to stay fit, but it is generally believed that health and wellness should include lots of exercises, such as walking or help with pimples at home. Trends in health and wellness include reducing unsafe foods that can cause disease. Some habits are socially acceptable, but they affect our general wellbeing. Some of the good poisons are smoking, speed limits, or excessive consumption of fatty foods.

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