What Happens When You Don’t Exercise?

What Happens When You Don’t Exercise? Some people are born with a naturally thin frame and whatever they eat they do not gain weight their metabolism is pretty fast and they can eat fatty food with ease. Without, worrying about gaining weight and due to these reasons they usually overlook daily exercise and spend time watching TV. The reality is far from what you think, many thin people are not really convinced to exercise they are unaware of the importance of exercise. Exercise does a lot more things in your body other than burning calories and losing weight. 

Furthermore, not doing enough exercise can impact our bodies badly. People who regularly exercise they crave healthy food and makes them more active and conscious. A study suggested that people who don’t exercise have disturbed sleep pattern whereas, regular exercise increases the total sleep time. If you don’t exercise you get fatigued easily even after climbing a flight of stairs exercise is a key to get enough oxygen from lungs to the heart. 

Not exercising and why its important to do so!

All of us know that exercise is important but still many of us do not want to exercise regularly. After a rough day and taking care of children the whole day it becomes difficult for people to exercise and these days people have moved from little to no exercise. No exercise and sedentary lifestyle lead to various health problems it happens with all of us: you work round the clock, gets injured and put exercise on the back burner for a while. 

Many researchers have indicated that no exercising is worse than smoking even if you are thin and have a fast metabolism you still need exercise it can simply prevent all kinds of diseases. Some people think that only sportsmen and women need to be physically active but in reality, every person needs to be physically active and should exercise daily. No exercise is very harmful to health can cause various ailments. 

Many of you may be fearful of exercise thinking that it can increase pain or maybe you are too busy in your work that you don’t get enough time to exercise regularly. It’s not laziness I that keeps you from exercise it’s a feeling that you can’t do enough! Without regular exercise can weaken your heart and leads to heart disease diabetes is also another side effect of no exercise. Remember When you were a kid you could easily stand on one foot or hold yourself up on ice-skates? All of these require balance and without exercise, you start losing your balance. 

Consequences of not exercising! 

What Happens When You Don’t Exercise
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All of you must know the serious consequences of not exercising. Lack of exercise can cause heart diseases and diabetes as well. Other consequence of not exercising is weight gain spending too much time on couch can be a result of inactive lifestyle. Regular exercise can improve well-being and without exercise can increase depression. Without exercise muscle atrophy can occur and bones become weak and can collapse easily and no exercise for long time can lead towards mortality. 

Body need to be constantly active otherwise, various diseases can occur in PCOD (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) disease the first treatment of this disease is exercise patient is asked to exercise as much as possible because exercise can reduce numerous health problems. 

Why people don’t exercise?

Many people don’t exercise because they are not motivated enough to exercise. You may think exercise is boring and it requires too much time and effort or maybe you tried exercising in the past but met with failure or you found it boring or time-consuming. You are not alone there are so many people who make plan time and again and then quit them many do not see changes in their body and become dishearten and for others, it is not important. 

Some people think that to exercise in the gym you need the money and after two or three months they quit the gym because cannot afford the money. Instead of buying large expensive types of equipment, small dumbbells can be useful to tone your body parts. Other reason of not doing exercise is a busy schedule and not has enough time to exercise. Finding time for exercise is the biggest challenge for many of you and it is a common excuse that you don’t have time to exercise, however, changing your mindset and finding a time into your daily routine is very important. 

What does exercise do for you 

Exercise not only burns your calories or helps you to lose weight it has various benefits. Exercise mainly helps to regulate stress by producing changes in parts of the brain. The effects of exercise on mood are immensely powerful and it significantly decreases the stress and anxiety. You are clearly aware of it that exercise helps to lose weight for the growth of muscles and bones exercise plays an important role. 

Exercise trims your waistline and improves your physical health. If you exercise regularly it can have a profound effect on your well-being, it improves your immune system as well. Exercise act as antidepressant for you without the side effects of course. Exercise increases your self esteem you feel energetic and relaxed after exercise when face emotional and mental challenges exercise helps you to cope with these problems. 

Many of you must be thinking that you don’t get enough time to exercise or you don’t have enough place to exercise but, the thing is that few minutes of physical activity is way better that not exercising at all. If you don’t have time for 15-20 minutes exercise or f your body tells you to take a break after every 5 minute but that’s okay. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of session and then gradually increase your time. Exercise is not just about muscle size and aerobic capacity sure, it improves your health anxiety, 

stress and depression can overcome through exercise. Exercise does a lot for us, we just need to exercise regularly one day exercise can’t give you positive results regular exercise is a must. 



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