Subtle signs of depression you shouldn’t ignore

An ultimate guide on 7 subtle signs of depression you shouldn’t Ignore

Depression is a state mind that produces severe, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life. Having known your friends and family members very well, you will quickly notice when they are sad or depressed. Remember, sadness and depression isn’t the same things. Grief is a state that occurs when one is emotionally hurt, but it fades with time. Depression, on the other hand, lasts for weeks and you notice that your friend is not the happy self.

The worst-case scenario is that depression may lead to suicide if not noticed earlier and treated. To avoid suicide, be sure to keep a close eye to your lovely friends and family by reading their signs and they are:

Sleeping difficulties

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It may occur in two phases:

• Under sleeping

You may experience troubles in sleeping, and they may be either oversleeping or under sleeping. When you are depressed, you get to your bed at the usual time and after completion of your tasks. Instead of getting sleep, you are awake, and you are unable to sleep.

• Oversleeping

Another symptom is oversleeping, where it is difficult for you to get out of the bed. You want to remain on your bed, even past the alarm. Sleeping may extend to even hours of the day, and you want to sleep.

Energy fluctuations

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You may either have:

• Decreased Energy

Most of the times, you are always tired, and you don’t feel like doing any work. You will blame you saying that you haven’t been sleeping off late. Although tiredness may result in a few hours of sleep, constant fatigue is a sign of depression.

• Increase in Energy

Increase in energy is a sign of depression where depressed people want to do something drastic. You may have concluded that you don’t want to live again, and you gain the energy to kill yourself.


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You were that person who used to care much about what you are doing, but you have completely changed. You are just doing something for the sake of it without thinking of consequences. It is not healthy for you to party during weekdays, but you are there partying. You may go to the extent of taking drugs, and they will serve as immediate relief. Depression is adding up, and it will take much time to treat it, so be aware of this symptom.

Lack of concentration

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You have concentration problems in your work where you can’t complete a task without your mind drifting. Before you complete a job, you were doing; you take much time as your concentration wasn’t there. At times, you decide to watch a movie, or you are in church service, but you don’t remember even the topic in discussion. It is useful if you visit a doctor or open up to a friend before depression messes you up.

Loss of Interest in Favorite Activities

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When you are feeling sad, you tend to enjoy your hobbies such as painting to remove the sadness. In depression, you do the opposite where you ignore your hobbies. You don’t want to paint again, and even you don’t want to see the paintings again. Another case is where you liked to be out with friends during weekends, but you don’t want to see them. Do not think that your hobbies have changed and seen a psychiatrist.

Change in Appetite

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This may occur in two ways being:

• Overeating

Depression may cause you to eat and especially snacks. You want to chew at any time without anyone limiting what you are eating.

• Under eating

You are not concerned about your physical appearance anymore, and no food should be near you. You can go for days without a meal, and you feel okay and grow thinner and thinner every day.

An Emerging Dark Side

Subtle signs of depression you shouldn't ignore 7

You are mostly thinking of death and take risks that are not worth taking. Among friends, you may observe that one friend is talking of stories of what they will do when he is gone. Make sure that you help the friend out before you wake up the next morning, and he killed himself yet you could have prevented it.

Consequently, when you notice the above signs, be quick to visit a psychiatrist as it is a disease that needs to treat without hesitation.

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