Get Rid of Your Home Exercise Problems Today

It may have happened to you that the sweet bar of cocoa you saw earlier that day suddenly has so much appeal that you wish to eat it all in one bite. Or that you are so somnolent that you would just rather throw yourself at a couch and binge-watch your favourite show. These unhealthy customs are the result of the current time we’re living. The quarantine can be stressful and tedious, and this is why we should focus on working out.

Why exactly should I be working out these days? And how should I work out? Maintaining your body in movement is essential for your physical and mental well being, and this article will specifically answer the inquiries you probably are asking yourself during this self-isolation period.

Unhealthy Behaviours

The monotonous life of being at home all day can result in unhealthy manners. It is very likely you started to crave for more carbohydrates for example. As explained by Nancy Cohen, a specialist in nutrition at the University of Massachusetts, the happiness hormone called serotonin is released as a cause of eating increased carbs (Quaglia). Although this may feel like an answer to relieve yourself from the unknown future, it is not.

Eating more whilst doing almost no activity can result in a fatal cycle. Eating more will result in you becoming more lazy, following by eating more and doing less exercise. It is paramount to focalize in ways in which one can relieve oneself from stress without falling into this trap.

Why do Healthy Home Workouts

It is proven that working out releases endorphins that increase your well-being and reduces anxiety. It is a way to escape the stressful media and connect with your inner self in a mindful way. It will help your bone density, your energy levels and your sleeping patterns (Semeco). Strength and conditioning workouts have uncountable benefits that will positively affect your life in every way.

Besides, now that you are at home, it is really easy to carry out an exercise. For instance, the other day I had a meeting via Zoom, and while I listened to the conversation, I practised a body conditioning exercise with a gymnastic elastic band. It was very easy. Thus, it proves that you can’t lie to yourself that you do not have time to workout.

How to Perform These Home Workouts

If you have never gone to the gym before, do not worry. There is always a time to start, and I can’t think of a better time than these days with all the time we have.

Start with a calm, steady warmup up to raise your heartbeat.

Then, to start a strength and conditioning workout, start by using any dumbbells or barbells if you have or any other object who has a notable weight. Perform overhead or shoulder press exercises. Carry out squat thrust workouts. Use your own bodyweight to maintain yourself in a plank or wall sit position. If you have a stationary bike or a garden you can use, jog and sprint through intervals to improve your cardiovascular endurance (Kapur).

There are so many workouts in youtube or throughout websites for beginners, intermediate and experts that there are endless possibilities to choose from.

So… The Overall Conclusion

Difficult times require a better disposition of oneself. You are in control of how you feel and practising home workouts is the best way to maintain yourself happy and energetic during these times. Know that the benefits brought to you by these exercises will bring so much flourish in the short and long term that you won’t regret it. So stop waiting and go exercise.


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