How to get more deep sleep for better wellness

Deep sleep is the time when the brain wave is at the slowest rate and usually hard to wake up. Deep sleep is key to the health and wellness of an individual. Deep sleep has many benefit to the body such as it helps repair the muscles, boost blood flow, creation of memories, refreshes the body, body growth among others.

It is advised to sleep for seven to nine hours every night, but it’s most important to have quality sleep. Here are some tips on how to get more deep sleep.

How does exercise help with deep sleep?

Taking exercise releases the endorphin chemicals that help in boosting deep sleep by eliminating negative emotions.

It is recommended to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day and two hours before bedtime. Choosing an exercise that you prefer will motivate the need to work out daily.

Devices to avoid to get better sleep

The light from electronic devices creates harmful effects causing the inability to sleep. A bedroom should have no distractions such as televisions that will cause a lack of better sleep.

It is advised while using electronic devices before sleep, to switch off and get some time without looking at the screens. This can be done by doing other routines or activities that do not use the blue light from the gadgets.

How to set-up a Bedtime schedule

To have a regular sleep routine, always go to bed at the same time. By having constant hours of sleep, the brain is programmed to fall asleep at that particular schedule and therefore facilitating a restful sleep.

Food intake need to get your best sleep ever

Certain foods intake is not recommended to be taken before bedtime. Food such as Sugar, caffeine and too much carbohydrate, should be avoided as they cause excitements to the brain making it hard to fall asleep.

A person who drinks alcohol will tend to fall asleep easily but will have a good chance of waking up during their sleep cycle and having trouble falling back to sleep.

Too much liquid intake before bedtime encourage the bladder to urinate often. If need be, drinks should be taken several hours before bedtime.

Relaxation helps Boost better sleep

The more you find things that boost relaxation, the better you will facilitate falling asleep. Avoid things that may cause tension or discomfort as they use the stored body energy that might be used to facilitate sleep. A weak immune system reduces the chances of having quality sleep as the person tends to focus on the pain.

External factors can contribute to a lack of sleep such as stress. Letting go of all the day’s activities and creating positive thoughts will facilitate better sleep. Listening to relaxing music or motivation speech can eliminate negative thoughts.

In conclusion

Deep sleep helps in boosting the overall wellness of the body. The energy used throughout the day is restored during quality sleep hence improving productivity.

Investing in quality bedding will not only be comfortable but also helps in getting quality sleep. The bedroom should not have any distraction at all such as noise or bright light to be able to boost deep sleep.

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