How to Get Fit at 45 Years Old Women

You are the Challenger

This is the best to work out and get your body fit. No more [or maybe less] running an errand for the boys in school. The girls are done with their first dances too. However, there are many challenges with getting fit at 45 years old such as;

Motivation – this will be a major concern when it comes to exercising. We know that to stay fit and healthy, especially at this stage, is essential but it also feels like lying in bed, sleeping during free time. The body and the mind just don’t cooperate here.

Flexibility – as we age, our cells will age as well and that if you do not have healthy lifestyle practices, then it is really a challenge to get fit

Health Conditions – I strongly believe in you will reap what you sow. It is only normal if you may feel little complications with your health at this age. It actually depends on how you spent most of our time from teens to late 30s—alcohol, Friday nights, smoke, lack of sleep, stress and etc. One more challenge in health condition is that you are less physically able to work out and maybe low in endurance. More often you will experience muscle pain but it is normal. You will eventually overcome that barricade.

Time – well, the kids are all grown up now but it still feels like you do not have the time to start exercising. You are not used in managing the time well plainly because you are not used to.

Timing – when is the best time to work out? How much time I must spend in exercising to get fit?

Knowledge and experience – we have general knowledge about basic workouts such as walking, jogging and stretching (is that even an exercise?). There is also a broad concept of getting the same result whether it is walking or jogging.

Impatience – we have this idea of getting the result we wanted via the visible result. Just like how we devote most of our time in work, we always look at the metrics which is the visible result. Thus, you may grow impatient in the process.

Resources – not everyone can afford a treadmill or kettlebell. Without proper resources, it will take a lot of time to get into shape and as mentioned previously, you may grow impatient in the process.

Learn How to Get Fit at 45 Years Old Women?

Discipline is the key to success. Let us start with timing (finding the best time for your workout routine). Starting from this point on, you must include your workouts as part of your priorities. That means it includes necessary sacrifices in your daily routine such as your time for late-night pop-corns (Netflix) and spending time in social media. There are recent studies showing that we spent an average of 144 minutes per day on social media.

If we could convert the times we use in Netflix to sleeping early (eventually waking up early) and the time spent in social media to actual workouts, then you will definitely get into shape in no time.

Morning exercises provide the best result in your body. This is the reason why it is recommended to avoid late nights so that your body can rest early to prepare for tomorrow. It is also fine to work out in the afternoon or evening if it is your cup of tea or due to the nature of your work. But as the old proverbs say; early birds catch the worm.

We can always start slow so that you won’t be worried about sacrificing your normal routines. You may spend at least 10 to 30 minutes to work out every day. Then gradually increase the span of time and difficulty of the workouts. The best recommendations you will get from the experts are cardiovascular fitness as it helps build strong heart and lungs (endurance). These are also simple workouts that will fit all ages.

  • Walking
  • Jogging or running
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Mountain Hiking or climbing
  • Dance
  • Cycling
  • Stair climbing (seriously?) – Stair climbing it is! Take care of your knees too

Keep in mind to start with the basic exercise first before you go with complicated exercises. Always synchronize the type of workout to your heart rate, so that you will not overdo it.  Once you get used with the basic exercises, you may start with more challenging exercises such as; sit-ups, push-ups, dancing in rhythm, mountain hiking or climbing.

Just like all professionals [athlete, gymnast, dancers, singers] do, never forget to warm your body up. Basic stretching for 5 to 10 minutes will do. More importantly, do not stop your work out in an instant. This must be done slowly. For example, if you are jogging, you must walk for at least 5 minutes to cool down before you stop.

In this ever-changing world, take advantage of the free apps that you can install to keep track of your performance every work out. The only time that you must surpass your past performance is when your body gets used to the workout. That being said, it is advisable to start slow with your workouts even if it lasts for a week or two to get your body used to the stress of exercise.

The best part of cardio fitness fit on how to get fit at 45 years Old women aside from getting in shape is that you can enjoy the workouts. For example, walking in the track & field full of people trying to get fit is quite a sight. You get to see all kinds of people of different ages and shapes. If you are a passionately curious type of person, you get to think all sorts of reasons why these people want to get fit—and I think that it is motivating as well.

A good take away: it is best to listen in good music [of your taste—recommended fast pace music] while exercising. The one major reason is that cardio exercises have these repetitive movements which make your body gets bored—so will you.

Robert Nichols

Robert is a full-time blogger, father of 1, and certified working and sharing fitness information. He also regularly contributes to on the latest topics and trends in health & wellness. When he not writing she can be found running and doing intermittent fasting.

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