How to Get Bigger Buttocks without Exercise

Are you tired of being the butt of jokes because your butt is not big enough?

A study showed that over 16,000 women surveyed and they were not happy with their buttocks. If you don’t have a big butt then one option is to accept it as it is. On the other hand, if you are not happy with it and want to know how to increase the size of your booty then read this article till the end and you will come to know how to get bigger buttocks without exercise. Many of you think that big buttocks look attractive and it is definitely true most men are attracted to women who have a big booty.

It is obviously not easy to get big buttocks in a day or two you have to work a bit hard in order to get big booty. Who doesn’t want to get bigger sexier bum without exercise? Indeed everyone does. One of the easiest ways to increase your butt size is to practice better poster because straight poster not only good for your health but also gives your butt a lift.

The best natural way to increase your buttocks is to eat foods which will make your butt bigger but you will gain weight as well because you just can’t decide where you get fat first. Therefore, go for healthier foods instead of deep-fried junk!

Various butt enhancing creams are available in the market which promises you to provide bigger, fuller buttocks many women use them and it works also. Butt-enhancing supplements are also very famous these days many people swear that they make your buttocks bigger others claim that the entire market is just a scam and there is no any scientific evidence available of these products increase butt growth. However, many of you still want to try these supplements to see the difference we highly recommend you to consult a doctor before starting it.

Butt kick exercise

Butt kick exercise is the most popular exercise it’s a jump training exercise and quite easy can be done anywhere in a gym, in the living room. This exercise mainly focuses on legs but it needs to be done carefully because if you have done incorrectly you could strain a muscle or can injure a joint. Before starting this exercise warming up of muscles is pretty important it ensures that your muscles are warmed up and ready for exercise.

Butt kick increases your heart rate and helps to burn calories when you are looking for warm-up you can do butt kicks to prepare the body for the run. Butt kick is very simple exercise if you do it correctly you will definitely get desired results and it also strengthens your hamstrings and helps you to run faster as well. Remember to keep your shoulders back and abs tight while doing butt kick exercise, open your chest and slowly lands on balls of your feet.

If you are beginner, just keep your movement slow until you have perfected it and try to kick your feet as high as possible. Any kind of butt-kicker exercise is excellent, this exercise can be performed slowly to warm-up your muscles or more intensely as your routine. If butt kick exercise performs three nonconsecutive days a week it will help to shape, lift and strengthen your buttocks.

Exercise for butt

In order to increase the size of buttocks there are enormous exercises. The most common one is:

Hip lift progression

It is the easiest exercise and you can do it at home it helps to relieve stress in your back and aid to increase the size of buttocks. Lie on your back and your arms at your sides knees and feet on the floor. Lift your hips toward the ceiling hold for 1 count and then lower back down. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds.

Single leg bridge

It might be more challenging for many people. Lie down on your back extend one leg push up with the heel of other leg to lift you off from the floor. This exercise not only helps to increase butt size but also relieve back pain.

Butt exercise equipment

You must have butt exercise equipment in order to get killer butt. If you don’t have enough time and money to join gym then it is completely possible to put together a home gym with modest expenditure. To tone your butt you need equipment and so many equipments exist to give you desired results.

Stair climber or Treadmill

You need to purchase the machine for these exercises if a new machine is not in your budget then refurbished machines are available. Or jogging up and down the staircase can give you the same results. Using a stair climber and walking or jogging on treadmill can help you to increase butt size.

Resistance bands

This is attached to any part of your body and provides linear assistance it works your butt from the sides. In the beginning try to choose medium-resistance band. Unlike weights, which are held in your hand it is just attached to your body.


Many of you think that weights are not necessary to a butt workout. It requires resistance to get better results you can hold dumbbell in your one hand or use both of your hands to hold barbell but increasing weight beyond your body weight is the only way to get desired outcome. Weights are expensive if you cannot buy them then start with what you can use now and then buy heavier ones.

Brazilian butt lift exercise

Forget about dangerous plastic surgeries and awkward padded jeans add this butt lifting exercise in your routine and get attractive toned bum. Manny of you want bigger, toned, fuller buttocks the moves in this workout can give you desired outcomes. You need to do these butt lifting exercises three to four times in a week give your lower body a day of rest in between workouts.

One thing which is very important while doing these exercises is maintain a right posture and butt-lifting exercise not only shape your butt and calves but also burn your calories. If you do this exercise regularly you will find a difference in your body almost 280-380 calories burn depending on weight, existing fitness level.

Exercise for a bigger butt

You can find various butt lifting exercises to get fuller, bigger and toned butt. No one can get results in a single day you have to be consistent in it to receive desired outcomes.

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