How Much Weight Can You Lose Fasting?

How Much Weight Can You Lose Fasting?

For some religions, fasting is a requirement to clear the mind and body. However, nowadays people start to try fasting as a way to lose weight. Of course, the effect on people must be different.

But then the question is, how much weight can you lose fasting? As mentioned earlier, the effect would be different for each person, depending on your fasting type.

Water Fasting

Water fasting is a fasting type where you cannot consume anything other than water. This might be difficult for some people, as this would go from 24 hours to 72 hours. Of course, during the fast, we might suffer from sugar craving and savoury craving.

As to decrease the fat in the body, water fasting is effective to lose weight, but we must be aware that this might lead to health risks. For young people in a fit conditioner, this water fasting might be the best choice to lose weight in a short period.

Dusk to Dawn Fasting

This type of fasting is what Muslims do during Ramadan, which starts from dawn to dusk. Unlike water fasting, this type of fasting prohibits you from consuming anything during the time.

Though water fasting could give you more weight loss than this type of fasting, dusk to dawn fasting is safer, as this would allow you to eat anything after the dusk. Each location and season might affect the fasting duration, as the sunrise and sunset time might be different.

Intermittent Fasting

Unlike the other two, this type of fasting is pretty much flexible, in which you can set your eating hour. This type of fasting requires you to fast every day for 14 to 16 hours and restrict your daily eating window, roughly 8 to 10 hours. This type of fasting might be easier than other types, as sleeping might be the time during the fasting and could help you to fight the craving and hunger.

There are several types of intermittent fasting, you can choose what suits you the best, but you must be aware of the food you consume, as this will be affecting how much weight you will lose.

Alternate Day Fasting

Another safe way to lose weight by fasting is this alternate-day fasting. This is pretty effective for young people, as well as middle-age people. This type of fasting is seen as an effective type of fasting to lose your weight, as you can lose 3-8% of your body weight in 2-12 weeks.

This type of fasting allows you to eat whatever you want for a day, then fast all day the next day. On the fasting day, you will only be allowed to drink water, unsweetened coffee and tea and a maximum of 500 calories to eat.

Each type of fast might affect your weight differently, as each body is different and each person consumes food differently after the fasting day. The most effective way to do fasting is to keep measuring the consumption of your meal and to keep eating healthy food and cut fat.


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