How Much Water to Drink on Keto

How Much Water to Drink on Keto? Everyone is aware of it that water is indispensable for body and definitely it is an important part of any diet. Furthermore, if you are on the ketogenic diet and wondering how much water should be consumed then this article is for you. Hydration is important for health and it is even more vital when you are consuming fewer carbs diet. Many people are attracted towards the ketogenic diet it is low carb and high-fat diet. Many scientific studies have confirmed that it helps to lose weight and also aid to combat against various diseases such as epilepsy, diabetes. 

Keto drink 

Nowadays, Keto drinks without carbs or calories have gained huge importance. Many are promoting the keto drinks such as Diet sodas, you can have a sugary tasting drink without consequences and harms but it is not that simple. 

Artificial products like sucralose, aspartame or refined stevia are added in drinks in order to make them sweetened but they do not provide any help to lose weight and obviously they are not healthy at all! Drinking diet sodas may or may not be better but one thing is that if you cut down all these keto drinks from your diet your waistline will thank you. 

Keto drinks besides water 

If you are on a keto diet then it is really essential for you to drink an adequate amount of water because keto diet there is no carbs and due to low carbs your body gets dehydrated easily. However, drinking water can be plain and boring sometimes. There are so many keto-friendly drinks which you can enjoy such as: 

  • Green tea 
  • Fruit-infused water 
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Keto smoothies 
  • Coffee 
  • Black tea 

You can also add some herbs in water like rosemary, lemon or lime juice to make it tastier. Salt can also be added in order to maintain electrolytes. All of us love tea and coffee it is also an alternative of water while making tea or coffee do not add sugar in it. This is where you need to be more creative alternative sweeteners can also be added but you can go without it and with the passage of time you get used to the taste of tea or coffee. 

Keto-friendly smoothies are also very popular these days you can get the appropriate amount of nutrients from smoothies and you can make your own low carb smoothies at home. When you are out of your home, for example, a restaurant or at hotel then definitely you want to drink something other than water. Go for keto-friendly drinks, believe it or not, you can order keto-friendly drinks at Starbucks such as plain black coffee, espresso all have zero carbs. 

Drinking a lot of water 

How Much Water to Drink on Keto is when you are on a keto diet your water intake is closely monitored as macro-nutrients. Drinking lot of water in keto diet is also not recommended but minimum 2 liters of water is enough to prevent dehydration and promote metabolic health. Mild dehydration can even impair memory, slow down the cognitive functions. Many types of research shows that ketogenic diet can lead to kidney stones in people who do not take enough water and electrolytes are also very important their deficiency can also cause muscle cramps, fatigue and constipation. 

When you are on keto you excrete more salt excreting more salt leads to dehydration therefore, you need more water when you are on keto diet. However, following specific numbers of liters and ounces can lead to electrolyte-imbalance and over-hydration. Simple rule of thumb is 8 glasses of water per day but you need to check the reaction of your own body instead of following the number blindly. 

Does coffee count as water intake 

Drinks and juices are hydrating water can be added in it in order to minimize their sugar content. The way we drink coffee is also very important if you add sugar and milk in the coffee then it becomes unhealthy and not hydrated. It is extremely important to stay hydrated but water alone cannot fulfill the need therefore, some other drinks such as coffee can be used to keep you hydrated. A dietitian Lauren Elliot said that coffee counts for daily water intake. Water present in the coffee helps us to meet our daily need and it contains anti-oxidants as well. 

Keto dehydration 

During a keto, diet salt excretes from the body speedily and the person feels thirstier than usual. If you have started the keto diet and feeling more thirsty than usual then dehydration is the main symptom you will notice. When your body enters into ketosis then after three to four days dehydration starts. Carbs are the main macro-nutrients that encourage your body to store water but when your body shifts the energy source from carbs to fats it quickly sheds its water stores. 

You also may notice less bloating and frequent urination, loss of electrolytes as well. Keto diet makes you thirsty all the time and dry mouth feels like the sands of the desert. Although it is a normal side effect of keto diet dryness for a long time can lead to dehydration which is obviously bad for your health. Insulin levels drop when you eliminate sugar and carbs from your diet and kidney start to release sodium and water and this leads to dehydration and you feel thirstier. 

Retaining water on keto 

You have gone on keto diet feeling fresh, energetic and enthusiastic thinking that you are losing weight but when you step on the scale you scream because your weight has gone up! 

Take heart 

It is common to gain weight when you are on a keto diet also there are various reasons behind it. Your vitamin B1 levels are low that’s why you are feeling swelling in you feet, ankles and thighs. To eliminate this deficiency nutritional yeast is beneficial it has two forms one is flakes another one is a tablet. Many people really enjoy the taste of flakes. You can mix them in vegetables or can add in smoothies. 

Sometimes, you accidentally consume so many carbs in the form of various foods which leads to water retention. Low-fat salad dressing, flavoured yoghurt, liquid eggs, sun-dried tomatoes have carbs and you eat them without knowing the fact that they contain carbs. 

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