How many calories will I burn jogging?

Jogging, a simple act of moving your legs on the ground at a steady pace. You might be wondering how is it different from walking or running, well the simple answer to this question is, it’s slower and longer than running, but faster and steadier than walking.

Does jogging even work?

Before I answer this question, I want you to note that any form of exercise or moment is better than sitting ideal in front of a computer. So, regardless of how much it benefits, it’s always better to have some movement in your body and get some blood pumping.

Now to the point, numerous studies have shown that jogging will help you lose weight, prolong your heart’s life, improve your immune system and reduce resistance to insulin. Also, it might help you cope with depression, relieve anxiety and retain flexibility as your body progresses to age.

But note that the benefit of jogging depends on your diet, a healthy balanced diet combines with regular jogging can only help you reap the full benefit of jogging. Do not expect to lose weight with a high obese diet, you won’t see significant change by eating pizzas every day.

How many calories will I burn jogging?

Well, studies have shown that an average individual will burn about 80-140 calories per every mile depending on your weight and pace. A 30-minute jog will burn between 280 to 520 calories. If you can maintain a steady pace at a faster speed, you’re most likely to burn more calories.


Also, your current weight also has an effect on your result, for example, a 150-pound person running about six miles per hour at a distance of 10 minutes can burn about 328 calories in 30 minutes.

Whereas, a 180-pound person running at the same speed for the same period of time can burn around 410 calories. This is because more weight you carry more fuel is the need for you to move.

Jogging at a speed of 5 to 6 mph will burn hundreds of calories, at 5 mph, a 185-pound individual will burns about 710 calories in an hour, Harvard Health Publishing reports. Similarly you might burn 800 or 888 calories, while running 60 minutes at 5.2 or 6 mph.

Is it better to jog outside or indoor?

While jogging on a treadmill might be boring compared to jogging outside on a cool breeze but with a treadmill you can constantly monitor your pace, keep a steady speed which result will help you burn 3-5 more calories per mile,

Maintaining a steady pace with all the people and obstacle on the road might not be possible for you every time, also waking up early every morning is also a obstacle for most of you. But with a treadmill you jog when every you want and as long as you want without living your house,

How to maintain a steady pace?

Not all people can one day wake up and jog for 30 minutes straight. If you haven’t committed to any form of exercise in the past I recommend you to start out with a brisk walk for 30 minute every session, do this for a minimum week then start increasing your pace every week, try to maintain a 30 minute session nonstop to build up your stamina. Then, with a short break in a couple weeks you can jog both ways to get the maximum result.


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