How Long Does it Take for HIIT to See Great Results?

How Long Does it Take for HIIT to See Results?

Patience pays. No, hard work pays instead. But in this case, we should say both patience and hard work pay. These are two virtues that every person starting their HIIT sessions should have. HIIT has many benefits. Weight loss is one of the benefits of HIIT workouts.

Wait, what is HIIT? High-Intensity Interval Training is the workout in which you alternate moments of intense and breath-taking anaerobic training and less severe recovery periods. The alternates should continue until you’re too tired to lift a finger.

Back to the question, how long does it take for HIIT to see results? Well, honesty is the best policy. There is no specific time within which you can notice results. The reason being, it varies from one person to another.

Somebody types respond to exercise faster than others. Also, other factors affect HIIT cardio results timing. For instance, the length of your workouts, hydration, sleep, and diet contribute massively. To be sure, read on to find out how long you should spend in the gym.

How Long Should a HIIT Workout Be?

When you sign up for the gym as a beginner, there’s always this anxiety about whether your package is worth it or not. Speaking from experience, I used to step on the weighing scale after only 4 minutes of my time on the treadmill.

You may also be wondering how long your workouts should be to realize any difference. Is there a specific length of time? Again, I will say no. As a beginner, you should start with shorter workouts and increase the time as you progress. Don’t compete with the body-builders and other workout gurus.

Also, don’t be lazy. Taking too little time won’t give you any significant results. The ideal amount of time for any HIIT workout should be 20 to 30 minutes. Beyond that, you will be straining excessively. You can divide your time into about 4 minutes of intense training and one minute or less of recovery.

Does Diet Affect HIIT Results?

The objective of HIIT exercise is to burn fats and to maintain muscle mass. If you want to build muscles, then weight training is more appropriate. The best way to benefit from any workout is to track your calorie intake and output.

You should always burn more calories than you take. This way, the equation will lean on one side, and you will lose some fat. Also, the chances of regaining weight after HIIT are high. A restricted calorie diet and more HIIT can help. This is according to research done at the University of Alabama.

Keep foods that are high in calories at bay. Alcohol should be a no go zone. A nutritionist can come in handy to help you monitor your diet. Alternatively, a calorie-tracking app should be perfect for the job.

Bottom Line On How Long Does it Take for HIIT to See Great Results?

No gain without pain should be your motivation when you start your HIIT. The fundamental thing is to keep your calories in check with the help of a professional and have a personal trainer to guide you. Sometimes, working alone may not be very motivating. Otherwise, your dream body is just steps away from you. Go for it.

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