Electricity use of a coffee maker

Electricity use of a coffee maker 1

Coffee makers and their real electricity consumption:

A coffee maker does not consume much power. Right? A coffee maker is a fairly powerful home appliance. In the following, you will learn how much money you have to pay for electricity consumption per year.

Example calculation of a usual coffee maker electricity consumption:
Usually coffee makers use between 750 up to 1200 watts with automatic shut down occurring after two hours.*¹ Let’s say you have to pay the average price people have to pay in the US which is 12 cents per kilowatt-hour. *² And further, let’s also assume that you have a simple 1000-watt coffee maker that you use twice a day. However, sometimes you forget to turn it off and thus your coffee maker runs for about two hours a day. So you have to pay two times $0.12 per kilowatt hour which is $0.24 per day. Multiplied with seven it’s about $1.65 a week. That would make more than $6.50 a month and over $78 a year.

However, if you use a coffee maker with a capacity of 1600 watts instead of the 1000-watt coffee maker we used earlier as an example calculation, you can even get over $120 of electricity costs for one coffee machine per year. On the opposite, there are also lower-power coffee makers that consume less power and for instance only need 800 watts if used. In this case, you won’t have to pay as much.

Electricity consumption of a coffee machine per year compared to other household appliances/

As we already calculated in the last paragraph, an average 1000-watt coffee maker has about $78 electricity costs a year. Now, let’s compare this coffee maker with another household device:Almost every person has a clothes dryer at home. With a typical consumption of 4.000 watts per hour by a cost of 12 cents per kilowatt hour, this would almost make 50 cents per hour. *³ Assuming that you use the clothes dryer three times a week which would make about 12 times a month, you would have to pay $72 a year.
Coffee makers that do not use any electricity:If you still want to save electricity costs on your coffee machine, you can buy a coffee maker without electricity. They are often cheaper to buy and bring a very special coffee experience. Such coffee machines are for example *4:- The French Press – Classic Coffee Maker.- Stovetop Moka Pot – Almost Espresso.- Spanish Coffee Colador – The Coffee Sock.

Brief summary:In general, it can be said that a coffee machine can be a very expensive device regarding electricity costs. The higher the consumption and the higher the wattage, the more power is needed and the more expensive it becomes. However, it must also be said that there are coffee makers that do not use any electricity at all. These devices are listed above and are really good for the environment. Sometimes it’s better to inform yourself before you buy a coffee machine, since you can save a lot of money.
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