Eating Plans to Lose Weight

While there are more than hundreds of techniques mention on the internet on how to lose weight, it becomes difficult for an average person to make choices in their diet life. Hence we are here to help you pick the most effective plans to lose weight that is practically proven with the majority of research and diet conscious people reviews.

There are many factors that affect weight loss depending on your age, height, weight, diet, genes and physical activities. You cannot control any of these factors but you can control the food you eat therefore sticking to any one of the diet plan options mentioned in this article with commitment each day will give you results within the first week.

Meal Plans for the Keto Diet

Keto diet became a popular trend from the start of 2018 that later proved to have various health benefits and a decrease in weight. A research study showed that a keto diet can help fight against diabetes, cancer and even Alzheimer’s diseases. This diet is 3times more effective than any other diet plan due to which it is also difficult to maintain but the results are proven visible within the first week.

The ketogenic diet involves eating low-carb food and increasing high-fat and protein foods. The reduction of carbs will put your body into ketosis mode.  Under ketosis mode, while your body has low-crabs, it will burn instead use your excess body fats for energy which results in body weight loss.

The low-carb food to avoid or reduce includes sugary foods that are available everywhere easily such as biscuits, chips, ice-cream and chocolates. Wheat-based products such as rice, pasta and cereal contain a medium amount of sugar. Root vegetables consist of a high amount of carbs in potatoes and carrots. Drinks such as soda, fruit juice, smoothies and alcohol should be eliminated in your keto diet.

For starters try keeping a track of your carb intake by under the limit of 50grams per day then gradually decrease by time. A glass of juice contains 52 carbs, doughnut 50carbs, candies and chocolates up to 60carbs. Therefore keep in mind that the fewer the carbs the more effective the results will appear in less time as your body tries to burn your excess fat without any unhealthy carbs present in the system.

The foods you should eat more are fats and proteins such as any meat, fatty fish like salmon and tuna, eggs, butter, cheese, nuts, olive and coconut oil, avocadoes and low carb veggies like tomatoes, onions and green veggies.

A lot of delicious keto-diet recipes are also available online that you can begin in your diet adventure plan. Instead of having to order food you can try making healthy homemade keto recipes, this includes keto bread, keto cheese frittata, keto fried chicken and keto pizza that all direct in designing a low-carb meal while satisfying your inner cravings.

Keto diet includes several of benefits proven by the expert that it lowers blood pressure, decrease acne, fewer cramps and gas in the stomach. A high sugar intake affects the cognitive function of the brain that blocks the memory receptors while being on keto diet due to its less sugar consumption rule, in the first of week of ketosis you can feel your mental performance improving and being able to focus more due to the steady flow of ketones to the brain.

Vegan Diet Meal Plan

A vegan diet is considered a lifestyle concerning the importance of animal lives but recent studies reveal that it can help in weight loss due to its natural healthy option foods. A medical study published in 2016 verified that those who follow a strict vegan diet under 18weeks demonstrate almost 4pound of weight loss in the participants who took the test. In addition, various fitness experts opt for vegan diet in their lifestyle.

This diet includes not eating any animals (meat, chicken, fish) or their by-products (eggs, milk, cheese, honey) instead of having food such as fruits, vegetables, beans, plant-based milk and non-dairy products. Green food items is a priority in a vegan diet such as spinach, broccoli, Brussel sprout and zucchini are the most nutrient-dense vegetables with high fibre content.

Since the elements of protein from an animal are cut off from the vegan diet, the alternative includes plants that contain protein such as tempeh, beans, lentils and oats. Proteins are an important nutrient for the building up muscles, skin and bones of the body. It also reduces the hunger hormone and makes you fill full throughout the day which can help you to lose weight easily

This diet also cuts out some primary nutrients that are needed for the body, these deficiencies can be replaced by taking in other essential nutrients, for instance, vitamin B-12 and multivitamin tablets while on a vegan diet plan. The key includes focusing on eating more rich mineral food during your snack time such as whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Avoid process foods in your diet that includes ingredients such as fats, sugars, starches and food additives. Before you consider buying any processed food from the local store, look out for the food labels mentioned in the back of the package that is printed in all food products.

Lastly having a meal planning dairy is the best way to stick on a vegan diet, have a notebook written down all the meals you will plan during the week to keep you motivated in your diet. Almost all vegan meals can be easily made under 10-15mins without putting in too much effort.

Intermittent Fasting Plan

If you cannot control your food intake and cannot eliminate specific food from your diet then this technique will be best for you. Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that does not involve cutting out foods but at the time when you should eat them during your 24hours day.

Studies found that in people who started inducing intermittent fasting in their lifestyle resulted in a reduction in body weight by 3-8% in over 3-24weeks with around 0.25kg per week lost and with alternative fasting it resulted in more weight loss with 0.75kg per week.

Fasting Is an old technique proven not only on weight loss but various benefits such as it speeds up metabolism in the body, improves hunger pattern, boost up immunity and brain functions, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, and overall promotes clean and healthy gut system.

Fasting is also engrossed into many religions for centuries such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism as a spiritual act to maintaining a healthy body and mind. As a result, humans can survive without food with a period of time and even days without any serious health effects.

There is various way to schedule your fast, the best method is the 16/8 plan, it includes eating for 8hours period and the rest 16hours on fasting mode. Even thou 16hours may seem too long at the start of the plan, it will gradually adjust in your body with days after which you will not make you feel hungry.

This works by having your last meal by 7-8 pm and then not fasting for the next 16hours, after the next 8hours you can eat whatever you want then repeat the cycle again. During the 16-hour fast, you can have drinks of water, coffee, natural homemade soups or even juices to keep you hydrated during your day. Due to the difference in body composition in the opposite gender, females can take 14-15 fast hour instead of 16hours.

It is recommended that during the 8hour period you primary eat healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. Eating especially high fibre foods such as nuts, beans and fish will keep you less hungry during the 16hours period. This can also boost your productivity and immune system.

If the 16/8 rule does not suit you then going for 12/12 rule is alternative for beginners who are new to fasting. This method can stop you from having snack breaks at night and keep your mind preoccupied with work in the morning. It also requires less effort compared to the 16/8 rule

Since 12/12 method has a longer eating time, it will not be as effective as the 16/8 rule. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the 12/12 rule in the first 3-4days then opt for the 16/8 in the next days. This will prepare your body to easily fast longer with time and lower your food cravings.

An effective weight loss does not only include a diet plan but also to add physical exercise during your day for at least one hour or 30mins. Exercise can include a simple jog and walk around your neighbourhood or body exertion techniques at home. All of this can boost up your weight loss in a short amount of time and make you feel healthy throughout your life.

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