Could Keto Coffee Help You Lose Weight

You have probably heard of Keto Coffee, a new version of bulletproof coffee. Those who like Keto Coffee, claim that it helped them to lose weight. That can be true, but it’s not as simple as it seems…
What is Keto Coffee?
Keto Coffee is coffee rich in fat and protein, it is actually coffee with added fat. Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet and that doesn’t alpply to food only. You can apply that rules to your coffee, too. Instead of adding milk or regular cream to your coffee, you should use high-fat keto “creamers” such as butter or MCT oil.
How does Keto diet work?
The main characteristic of Keto diet is that it helps your body reach ketosis faster. If you are now wondering what does ketosis mean, it is the metabolic state in which body starts burning its own fat to produce energy.
This diet, high in fat but low in carb, forces your body to burn fat insted of glucose in order to produce energy. And the more fat you burn, the more weight you will lose.
What does Keto Coffee do?
Keto Coffee is based on the same principle as other Keto food. It is filled with fat and its purpose is to help your body hit ketosis as quickly as possible.
There are various benefits of putting MCT oil in your coffee: it enters the bloodstreem directly because it doesn’t need to be processed by the liver. So the body will immediatelly make ketones from it and then use them to produce energy. Also, it helps you feel full throughout the day and reduces your food cravings.
Is Keto Coffee for everyone?
Although it sounds like a perfect solution for any one who has weight problems, Keto Coffee isn’t for everyone!
Unfortunatelly, if you are overweight and don’t follow Keto diet but want to try just Keto Coffee, it can do you more harm than good! Keto Coffee alone probably won’t help you reach ketosis faster. You have to combine it with Keto diet.
Bad news is that if you introduce Keto Coffee to your diet without any other change in your diet and exercise routine, you might end up gaining weight instead of losing it. As we already stated, Keto Coffee is high in fat and that means that it has a lot more calories than regular cup of coffee.
Keep in mind that Keto Coffee has almost the same number of calories as some meals. The goal is to replace one of your meals/snacks with Keto Coffee, not to drink it alongside your meal.
The best time to drink Keto Coffee is morning, because then you will get to enjoy its effects whole day!
Please don’t exagerate with this type of coffee. Keep in mind that Keto Coffee isn’t ordinary coffee, it has a lot of calories, and you should drink only one cup of it per day!
Keto Coffee can help you but you have to follow the rules we mentioned above!

Robert Nichols

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