Can Coffee Machines Make Hot Chocolate?

Can Coffee Machines Make Hot Chocolate? 1

Can coffee machines make hot chocolate? Which product we buy was designed and tested for a very specific purpose. Following the instructions that come with the product will guarantee its efficient operation. When people make experiments with those products, they could break them and the guarantee might not apply. In the worst scenario, they could end up throwing them away and buying new ones.
Avoid Experiments

Can Coffee Machines Make Hot Chocolate?

There are people that get very creative and start doing all sorts of funny experiments with their coffee machines. They use the pitcher to boil food, they put a small pan on the hot surface beneath the pitcher to cook food, they put aluminum foil on that surface to make pancakes, etc.

It is important to know you can use your coffee machine to cook food during an emergency (like when you have no gas) with the real risk of starting a fire in your house. However, stoves were designed to cook food and they are so much more comfortable than coffee machines.

I knew a case where someone made hot tea in an coffee maker by using tea bags instead of coffee powder. The tea tasted great, but the coffee maker clogged so badly that it had to be thrown away. That is why I insist: use everything in the way it was meant to be used. Coffee machines are meant to make only coffee.

Coffee Maker

Some people might say that you can add chocolate powder to the coffee maker where the coffee powder goes, pour water and turn it on. However there is risk of clogging the coffee maker. Also, you must never pour milk instead of water. When the milk boils, some of its components harden and that will definitely mess up the coffee maker.

There are safer ways to make chocolate with a coffee maker without clogging it. In few words, make the chocolate in a separate place (away from the coffee maker), put it in the pitcher and use the coffee maker only to heat up the pitcher with chocolate. The advantage here is that the chocolate can be made with milk instead of water.

Another way of making chocolate with a coffee maker is by adding only water and turning it on. Once the pitcher is filled with hot water, manually add chocolate to the pitcher and stir. In this case the chocolate would be made with water instead of milk. You could add some milk powder to the pitcher and stir if you want.

You can always make normal coffee in the coffee maker and manually add chocolate to the pitcher and stir. A lot of people like that type of drink.

Coffee Vending Machines

A standard coffee vending machine should normally be able to vend hot chocolate with no problems. All you have to do is put chocolate powder in an empty canister. However it is important to read what the instructions of the specific vending machine say.

Capsule Coffee Machine

In the beginning, capsule coffee machines could only make coffee. After some time they started adding other options, including hot chocolate. If you find capsules for your coffee machine that say they contain chocolate, you may use them without any problems. These are some brands that have at least one option of hot chocolate: Caffitaly, Keurig, Espresto, and Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

If your capsule coffee machine does not make chocolate, you can make yourself an Espresso in the machine and manually add milk and chocolate powder to the cup and stir. It is a mixture of coffee and chocolate that tastes great.

Automatic Coffee Machines That Can Make Hot Chocolate
If you want to make hot chocolate, these are some brands of automatic coffee machines that officially can make hot chocolate (but they are very rare): Delonghi Prima Donna 6900M and the WMF 1200 S, 1500, 1800, 2000. Since they were designed for this use, it is OK to use them to make hot chocolate (following the instructions)
Hot Chocolate Machines
Some machines make only hot chocolate (no tea or coffee), but they are so expensive and make such enormous quantities of chocolate thta they are used in places with a lot of people, like restaurants. These are: a hot chocolate fountain and the Bravilor Solo. Maybe someday a company will start making “chocolate makers” for houses.

Mixtures of Coffee and ChocolateMake a cup of coffee in any type of machine, add chocolate syrup, and stir. If you prefer you can add dutched cocoa powder and sugar to your cup of coffee instead, and stirConclusion

If your coffee machine says in the instructions that you can make hot chocolate in it, you can do that with no problems. However, if a coffee machine does not say that, you will have to add the chocolate to the cup by hand. If you try to use a normal coffee machine to make hot chocolate, sooner or later you might ruin it.

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